All Faith   No Fear   Just Love

is a vocalist, songwriter, and record producer
born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

Justin started his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor at the age of six years young.  He has been in various movies, TV shows, commercials and theater.

At the age of thirteen, Justin discovered a love for all instruments.  At first, rhythm came quite naturally on the drums, and Justin explored the basics of songwriting on the guitar.  He then sought out the wonders of the piano.

A three week tour in the UK as lead vocalist for hard rock band, KulpriT, effectively prompted Justin to focus on a full-time career in music.


In 2007, Justin established the indie-record label King George Records in 2007, the namesake of his father.  In partnership with Universal Music group, King George Records released Justin’s debut album, “Behind These Eyes”.  King George Records later closed, but now operates as Just Love Records.

     “Take My Breath Away”, was remixed as a dance track by DJ Escape,

which reached #13 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart in 2008.  Justin has received three Los Angeles Music Awards.  He composed and produced the theme song for VH1's series, "The Pickup Artist", in addition to a myriad of other tunes for film and television.


Throughout the years, Justin has performed in a multitude of cities around the globe at legendary venues, such as House of Blues, Troubadour, and Whisky a Go Go.


Connecting with people is Justin's greatest joy.  He has performed at many high schools to raise awareness about drug abuse.  Additionally, he is an avid supporter of animal rights and hands out educational materials at his performances.  Most recently, beginning to explore his feminist beliefs, Justin wistfully remarks, “I believe it will be women, actually girls, that will ultimately change our world for the better.”


Lanning’s mission is to uplift the world with  Just Love.